1. Introduction
  2. General
  3. PK Sleeve - Reduce Waste and Cost Saving

PK Sleeve – Reduce Waste and Cost Saving

At present, t
here are many kinds of Portable devices in the market . These devices can be categorized into three groups:


Group I : Reusable with thermal insulation function. Expensive and
require carrying by oneself


Group II : Portable with no thermal insulation function. Made of paper cardboard or pulp. Some of them 
may need extra paper bag to keep it stable. Relatively expensive. Cup sleeves may still be needed.


Group III : Liftable with no ther
mal insulation function. Made of materials that may be hazardous to environment. Cup sleeves may still be needed.


A Simple Arithmetic

PK Sleeve is an environmental friendly product. For the case, when someone wishes to carry two cups of coffee, he needs only two PK sleeve rather then, for instance, 1 pulp trays + 1 paper bag + 2 traditional cup sleeves. It’s cost saving and waste reducing.