1. Introduction
  2. General
  3. PK Sleeve for Iced Beverages

PK Sleeve for Iced Beverages 


Iced beverages include soda, iced tea and iced coffee. There are three major features for take-out iced beverages, i.e., (1).Bigger containers (2) heavier weight and (3)with ice.

Hence, the PK Sleeve must be designed to accommodate the relatively large size and heavy weight. This is not difficult to achieve 
by simply modifying the configuration slightly so that the handle of PK Sleeve can provide a very comfortable length. The strength is still remaining it’s capability of carrying 2.6 to 3.7kg of weight under such modification. Although the size of cold beverage may go up to 800 grams (28 oz.), a minimum safety factor of 3.3 can still be maintained.


The real problem is caused by ice. The ice in the beverage will generate remarkable condense water outside the container say paper cup, particularly during the hot summer time. Water is harmful to the paper products and so is to the PK Sleeves. To resolve this problem, we have applied a layer of waterproof corrugated cardboard to protect our products. The waterproof coating is conform to the standards of food grade. It is quite easy to verify the effects from the picture below. The use of waterproof corrugated cardboard has made our PK Sleeves capable of applying in the cold beverage industries.