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Portable Cup Sleeve

PK Sleeve is an ordinary paper cup sleeve with value-added function of easy carrying. It is made of high graded corrugated cardboard that providing better heat protection than common coffee sleeve.   


PK Sleeve is : 
  • eco-friendly
  • reliable and safe
  • convenient
  • elegant
  • cost saving

Carrying  2 to 3 cups of hot beverage is easy




Strength tests

Worldwide Distributor/ Manufacturer Welcome 

We welcome any company worldwide, who is interested in manufacturing and/or selling this product. Please contact us.  See the "Introduction" to learn more about PK Sleeves.



Set up and test the PK Sleeve in full-scale

We expect the users to be at ease when carrying hot beverage with PK Sleeves. The film demonstrates how easy to set up and how we test the product in full-scale. (Warning ! don't do a crazy thing like that).

Please Click the  "Introduction" for More Information about the Technology and Manufacturing Details.

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