1. Introduction
  2. General
  3. How the PK Sleeve is Invented ?

PK Sleeve is a traditional corrugated paperboard cup sleeve with an additional function – “ it can be lifted “ through a handle that is teared apart from the cup sleeve body.


How the PK Sleeve is invented ?

On the Christmas day of 2018, Paul carried a heavy bag and went into the convenience store to take out two cups of coffee, one for Kevin. The clerk asked Paul if he wished to buy a plastic bag for carrying the coffee. He declined it simply because it would become a garbage 5 minutes later. So Paul carefully held two cups of hot coffee by both hands, with the bag hanging on the left elbow, and walking out the store. After walking about 100 yards, his arms were so sour and both palms were suffering from unbearable heat. He needed a break eagerly and looked around to find a nice place to release the pain. All of a sudden, the phone rang. Intuitively, Paul intended to pick up the phone and caused the left hand crooked a little bit, the coffee was about to pour out, by instinct, his right hand came over to help and hit the left hand hardly. The coffee spilled out and burn his left hand. Paul, by Instinctive reaction, loosened both of his hands and both cups of coffee spilled all over the ground.

Paul, with nothing in his hand, despondently went to meet Kevin and 4f0c601b7b13c0139cc836e5da46197f.JPGtalked about the story. They were chatting about this topic: Why the coffee shops offered free cup sleeves, but they were unable to lift by fingers ? Why we need additional plastic bags, pulp cup trays, and paper bags to carry the coffee ?

The same day, Paul and Kevin started conceiving and drawing the first funny prototype of PK Sleeve.