1. Introduction
  2. General
  3. Quality Assurance and Product Standards

Quality Assurance Program

Traditional cup sleeves can tolerate a big range of manufacturing errors because they have only one purpose which is thermal insulation. PK sleeves , however, provide additional function which is liftable. Therefore, the quality management is very important to us and to our users.


We have established a Standard Operation Process to inspect and test the final products to make certain that the PK Sleeves will have the best quality when they are in our customer’s hand.


The following is the plan of our QA/QC. It is implemented and traceable for each batch of production.

1 Visual Inspection :

At the end of the conveyer of gluing machine we eliminated some obviously damaged or largely misaligned products. This is easy to detect since they normally occur in groups due to certain malfunction of gluing machine.

2. Die Cutting and Gluing Quality Tests:

Randomly pick 5 for every 100,000 products and nest them with paper cups to check the integrity of the products. The straps shall not pop out, the glued area shall not burst open, the pre-cut K-lines shall not split apart.

Then fill the paper cups with broiled water to check if the glue can withstand the heat. After that, tear and pull the straps up, it should be easy and the edge of the straps should be smooth.

3. Strength Tests:
The selected samples then tested for their static loading capacity and swing, vibration and impact durability.

Product Standards and Testing Methods :                     
Static Loading Capacity : 2600 grams minimum and last for 60 min.

Swing Durability: Fill with 420 grams of water (about 16oz), the  PK Sleeve shall withstand 500 cycles of back and forth swing with a rate of 40 cpm and 30 degree of amplitude                             
Vibration Durability: Fill with 420 grams of water, the PK Sleeve shall withstand 1000 cycles of vertical vibration with an amplitude of 0.5 cm

Impact Capacity : Fill with 420 grams of water, the PK Sleeve shall withstand free swing of 30 degree with an arm length of 70 cm, and impact to a rigid vertical surface laterally for more than 30 times.


Take a look at the video of Impact Test for PK Sleeve:

Take a look at the video of Vibration Test for PK Sleeve:

Take a look at the video of Swing Test for PK Sleeve: