1. Introduction
  2. General
  3. Three Easy Steps to Form a Handle

Three Easy Steps to Form a Handle


1. Works as traditional Cup Sleep65f1936308acd2aeb13e973c4fa6ce8c.jpg

You may not need to lift the coffee, you may simply use the PK Sleeve just like traditional cup sleeve and holding it with one hand. Even so, PK Sleeve provides a better thermal insulation to protect your hand.

2. To Lift Up the Cup


Three Easy Steps to Form a Handle:

(Besed on our experience, it is easier to
 form the handle while the cup is nested)

Step 1: Tear and pull up both straps2d933b1ca45158d5b59b9728cc2fa544.JPG

Step 2: poke open the pre-punched 12089cb76d9ade1618f7baaac341c015.JPG
 in one of the straps

Step 3: Insert the other strap into 9055d74127fee0174c2d1e12590caac1.jpg
             the hole and buckle them up

The Correct Way to Carry a Hot Coffee

We have done hard researches just to improve the strength of PK Sleeve. The purpose is to let the users feel comfortable and safe while carrying the hot beverages without worrying whether it is going to fail. Please keep in mind that the PK Sleeve can withstand more than 2,600 grams , and a 16oz paper cup filled with coffee is weighted about 420 grams. This means the safety factor is more than 6. In addition, the holding space is about 4.5 cm x 7.5 cm which is sufficient for 3 to 4 fingers to support the handle. Therefore, the handle should be held with hand rather  pinched with two fingers.