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  3. Introduction: PK Sleeve Makes Your Shops Special

A delightful coffee or tea shop must have its unique products, which04cc76dfdb212c89b0bbd5f41d6ff6bb.JPG
may include exquisite connotation and eye-catching packaging. PK Sleeve cannot change the taste of the products, but it can make the product unique


e33c450bceae681ceb594dfbc8baed19.JPGPK Sleeve is a new invented paper cup sleeve with liftable feature. It is reliable, convenient, elegant and environmental friendly. When one need to lift the cup, one can simply tear the two straps and interlock them to form a handle. It allows carrying  2 to 3 cups of hot beverage with one hand. Hence, paper trays, paper bags or plastic bags will no longer needed for this purpose.

How about the price?  The price is not much different from the traditional cup sleeves, after all, it is made of papers!